MarketAhead v2 is now live

The concept behind the app is to help determine what day/time is best to yield harvest 🧑‍🌾, dca 💵, buy & sell 🏦… by using historical average return data. It is inspired by and a follow-up to Bitcoin Price Stats from 2011–2018 — Data Analysis.

Given the plethora of technical and fundamental analysis, using this simple statistical analysis provides a potential edge on when to initiate recurring actions without the stresses of charting, in-depth analyzing, etc.

Right now daily data is used but will evolve into more granular data (5m, 1hr, etc.) points to provide even more exact timing.

MarketAhead analysis and tools are used internally. For sake of disclaimer everything provided is for educational purposes only.

Here is a list of coins that were most popular amongst 30 well-known crypto funds. Many of these coins have done exceptionally well during the current 2020 post-halvening bull run. Sometimes it’s as simple as following the money 🚀

# of funds holding which coins

24 ETH
23 BTC
13 DOT

As vaccines start to roll-out and combat this seemingly endless pandemic, a cure for the ballooning wealth inequality is nowhere in sight. Gradually developed during the third industrial revolution, the lopsided social hierarchy exacerbated by our growing reliance on technology will most likely be more deadly than the virus itself.

Bitcoin — The “Risk-Free” Benchmark to Beat

2020 marks the beginning of a new paradigm. During the unprecedented start to this tumultuous decade, assets ​fueled by recovery stimulus and loose monetary policy rocketed to new highs. The wealth divide​ grew ​considerably along with micro and macro tensions​ across the globe​.

Marketcap remains one of the best metrics…

While fiddling around with various Google trend keywords, I stumbled upon “Robinhood” — the commission-free stock and crypto trading app that most traders on /r/wallstreetbets use and is growing rapidly (see Alexa stats below).

Surprisingly, both times after a spike in Google search interest for “Robinhood” the S&P stock price dropped. Could Wall Street be dumping on new Robinhood traders? Google Trends has been quite the leading indicator the last two spikes. Will be interesting to see what happens on the third spike — most likely when they reveal their Cash Management service with 3% interest rates — something competing institutions must hate!

SPY vs Google Trends for “Robinhood”

Been busy this past week looking at fractals, identifying them from historical price data and trying to find relevance in them. So far I’ve created a web interface that can spot fractals using a correlation window with various input parameters.

The tool can spot similar movements across a period, especially…

Market Ahead

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

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