Bitcoin Price Stats from 2011–2018 — Data Analysis

Bitcoin Price (red), 200 SMA (blue)


  • Bitcoin has gained in value every April 2nd with an average return of 2.33%. 👍
  • In 2013, Bitcoin jumped a whopping 54x times! 🚀
  • Bitcoin has only had two yearly losses. -58% in 2014 and -74% in 2018. It has never lost value in back to back years. 🤞
  • The longest Bitcoin winning streak is 17 days for a total gain of 211%. Its worst losing streak is 8 days with a -24% loss. ⚾
  • Historically, November is the best performing month and September is the worst performing for Bitcoin. 🧐
  • On average, Tuesdays and Wednesday are generally better performing than Sunday. 🗓️
  • BTC has gained 45% in one day and lost -36% in another. 🎢
  • Bitcoin price data is bullish biased. 1627 Up days vs 1463 Down days. 💪

Yearly Performance

Monthly Performance

Daily Performance

Performance Across Days and Months

Heatmap — Day of the Week Performance across Months

Month-Day Performance

Longest Streak





For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

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Market Ahead

Market Ahead

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

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