Stock Mini Graphics with Google Trends and Alexa Traffic Info— Data Analysis

Airtable with Page Designer Block

Here is a fun project where I used data from several APIs (IEX Trading, RiteKit Logo) and Python modules (Pytrends, Alexa_Check) to create some mini stock graphics with the help of Airtable’s page designer tool. The idea was to create a simple “Cheat Sheet” like mini graphic with some useful information about a company (outside of some of the traditional details on Yahoo Finance).

Google Trends and Alexa Website Traffic Analysis are two tools I usually check as they are sometimes correlated with the performance of a company. While these metrics typically work for gauging Internet based services, I included a correlation score to see how Google Trends and Price were related as well as the 3-Month Alexa Ranking change.

While examining a batch of companies, it was no surprise Shopify price had a 94% correlation between the Google Trends and its stock price! Shopify’s Alexa Ranking also jumped 20% in the last 3 months. Google Trends and Alexa Ranking are generally less relevant metrics for conglomerates and those with a longer history. Below are some others as well in no particular order.


Disclaimer: For educational purposes only.

Stock Other Mini Graphic Examples

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.